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  • At Pienaar Health Dental, we aim to encourage preventive techniques - helping you to understand how to maintain good oral hygiene, therefore preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

    We offer the finest level of consultation and the best available general and cosmetic dental treatments in a safe, comfortable and ethical dental setting.

    In all proposed treatment plans we take into account your wishes and explain the options, where appropriate, and costs, so that you can make informed choices.

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  • ACC Treatment
  • ACC Treatment

  • Unfortunately accidents can happen. When these involve your teeth, you can be assured that we at Pienaar Health Dental work together with ACC to help you recover as quickly as possible.

    Registering an accident is extremely easy, just give our reception staff a call to arrange a consult appointment for you. Your dentist will advise you on any treatment needed, and if there may be any co-payment required. You can find more info in ACC's Dental Injury Guide.

    Contact us for your ACC funded consultation today or if you have any questions.

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  • Splints & Guards
  • Bite Splints or Night Guards

  • Some of us clench or grind during the day or night which can lead to sore teeth, jaws and headaches. Bite Splints or Night Guards worn at night can often help relieve this pressure and prevent tooth wear and breakages.

    Custom made, you can be sure it will be comfortable to wear.

    Book a consultation and see how we can help you minimise your teeth grinding!

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  • Botox
  • Botox®

  • Dental Crown Treatments At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Botox® decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, can cure certain types of migraines, improve the aesthetics of a gummy smile, help reduce the discomfort associated with grinding or clinging disorders and, in some cases, can even cure a grinding problem.

    Recommended age group is 18 to 65 years.

    Make a booking today!

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  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Bridges

  • Teeth Whitening At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Dental Bridges are another way to replace a missing tooth without having to wear a removable plate. Bridges are usually more comfortable and are made in house.

    Find out if this is something we can help you with!

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  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Crowns

  • Botox Treatments At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Crowns are full cover porcelain restorations, used to replace or strengthen our own tooth structure. Crowns are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or have portions destroyed by tooth decay.

    At Pienaar Health Dental, we are proud to provide our patients with a custom made crown to fit into your smile, you won't be able to tell the difference!  We mill them here on site, in 2 appointments on the same day!

    Your dentist will advise you if a crown is the best treatment option for you.

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  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants Service At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Dental implants are made of titanium, one of the most bio-compatible materials on the market. The implant is designed to replace the root of a tooth. It is placed in the jaw bone, where your tooth’s natural root once was.

    The top portion of the implant can be a single tooth, a part of a bridge helping to replace multiple teeth, or a component designed to improve a denture or partial denture grip (retention).

    To book a consultation to see if an Implant is right for you, get in touch with the clinic.

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  • Dentures and Plates
  • Dentures and Plates

  • Full and Partial Dentures or Plates are ways to replace missing teeth in your mouth.

    Depending on your situation, consultation with your dentist will help us understand what you need and let us work with you to restore functionality and appearance.

    To book an appointment for a consultation with your Dentist...

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  • Emergency Dental
  • Emergency Dental

  • Treatment Of Abscess In Tooth At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Toothache and swelling can happen suddenly.

    At Pienaar Health Dental, we aim to keep at least 2 emergency appointment spots available per day to help for when the unexpected happens.

    Contact our clinic at 8.30am on (03) 528 0303 the same morning to be able to obtain one of these spots, they are filled on a first come first served basis.

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  • Filling Restorations
  • Filling Restorations

  • White, or tooth-colored, fillings have been a preferred method of filling teeth for decades. These fillings are an excellent option for filling a small cavity, replacing a small old mercury or composite filling, and repairing an otherwise healthy broken tooth. We provide such fillings here at Pienaar Health Dental.

    The colour of these fillings can be matched closely to the natural colour of your teeth, ensuring they are highly discreet. Just like your natural teeth, white fillings can stain over time, so your dentist will give you appropriate aftercare advice.

    To schedule a filling appointment...

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  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment

  • This dental procedure is carried out when the innermost part of the tooth ‘the pulp’ becomes badly decayed or infected. If left untreated, the tooth will begin to die which could lead to the loss of the tooth.

    To save the tooth, the infected pulp needs to be removed to prevent the formation of a painful abscess. In dental terms this procedure is called ‘Endodontics’. After a root canal is successfully done, often a porcelain crown should be considered, as this will help prevent the tooth from fracturing.

    Your dentist will recommend if this is the best course of action you need to take to keep your tooth!

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  • Dental Exams
  • Routine and New Patient Exams

  • Dental Care At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    The best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to brush and floss your teeth and to visit your dentist for regularly. Your dentist not only examines your teeth for signs of decay or damage, they also look for early signs of gum disease and oral cancer.

    It is normally recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year, although some people may need to visit the dentist more or less often.

    Medications and pregnancy often impacts the treatment you can have, so a confidential patient questionnaire is updated every 2 years or let your dentist know so we can tailor your treatment to your needs.

    To schedule your next appointment with your dentist, call to check their availability.

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  • Scale & Polish
  • Scale and Polish

  • Scale And Polish At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Our Dentists care for your gums as well, as these are the foundation for great health teeth and smiles!

    Every mouth is different, so after a consultation, your dentist will able to advise you on the best cleaning treatment to help you.  

    Scale and Polishes are usually required either 3, 6 or 12 monthly, and can be done in conjunction with your Routine Dental Exam.  

    Is it time to schedule your next clean?

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  • Sport Mouth Guards
  • Sport Mouth Guards

  • Sports Mouthguard At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Mouthguards are the most effective protective pieces of equipment to help prevent injury to the mouth - protecting the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. A mouthguard does not only protect your mouth, it can also cushion blows to the mouth or jaw therefore preventing damage to the jaw, neck or brain.

    Your sports mouth guard will need replacing over time. Just bring it along to your check-ups and your dentist will inspect it for wear and tear.

    It only takes a quick appointment, so get in touch to schedule this in for you to help protect your smile!

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  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth Whitening At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    Teeth discolour over time due to pigmentation from what we eat and drink and the lifestyle we have. 

    If you are self-conscious about the shade of your teeth or if you have staining on some of your teeth, professional teeth whitening treatment is a safe and recommended option for you to consider.

    At Pienaar Health Dental, we stock Pro Night Take Home Whitening System. Find out how we can whiten your smile!

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  • Under 18 Dental Care
  • Under 18 Years *Free Dental Care

  • Year 9 to 18 Years Old

    Under 18 Free Dental Care At Pienaar Health Dental Surgeons In Motueka Nelson NZ

    We are a contracted dentist to the Ministry of Health so we are able to provide kids with *FREE dentistry.

    When you visit us for your first appointment, there is a form to fill in to enrol you with our practice and from there is costs nothing until the day before you turn 18.

    Sounds great doesn't it? Once a year you receive a free oral health check up with our amazing Dental Therapist, or one of our friendly Dentists, and cleans and fillings will be completely free too.

    What is covered?
    A full examination once per year, along with any routine dentistry that is needed, such as simple cleans, fillings and fissure sealants.

    We unfortunately can’t cover any cosmetic dentistry such as orthodontic extractions, whitening or mouth guards. Our Dental Therapist or Dentists will let you know what the costs associated with these will be.


    *FREE Dental Treatment that falls within the scope of the Ministry of Health Contract with Pienaar Health Ltd

    If you have any questions, call our friendly team on (03) 528 0303.

  • Birth to Year 9

    For kids below Year 9 (usually around 12 years old), Parklands School in Motueka is the nearest Oral Health Community Hub that will help look after and provide free dentistry for Primary School Kids.

    There is also a Dental Bus that visits schools around the area for those who live further out of town.

    Some parents still wish us to see their children, which is absolutely fine, but unfortunately these aren’t covered under the agreement, and will be seen at a private charge.

    Any treatments that the Dental Therapists can't provide your child at the hub will be referred to see us, then the treatment will be free.

  • Children and Dental Accidents

    If your child of any age has an accident which involves their teeth being knocked, broken or otherwise, give us a call.

    We will book a consult appointment for you so that we can register the accident with ACC.

    For children under 18 years old, there will be no additional charges even if the full cost of treatment is not fully covered by ACC.